I am a digital designer currently based in Berlin, architect of information and wordpress lover with over 15 years experience in the design industry.

Bold, simple and user-friendly websites

I believe good design does take time, and you can teach rules of good design, but it takes emotional intelligence to sense things are working together or notice elements that feel out of place. This is something you cannot teach, and it a characteristic I believe I use in my work.

Making something useable means making it comfortable, you do that by making sure everything can be used and located logically but also by making things beautiful, by making designs beautiful it puts the user at ease and happy, this makes the user feel like things are easier to use. Emotional intelligence and emotional design is something I strive for my work.


100% Admin Options within the Customizer

Over 500 theme options located in the Customizer, making changing your theme easy and straightforward. Each option you can see changes in real-time.

→ Demo Themes Do not Use Custom CSS
→ Using Super Smooth GSAP Animations
→ Integrated with Lightweight Page Composer

My approach is to create functional, aesthetically attractive designs that increase brand worth and help businesses grow.

Jason Black

Information Architect & Designer

Previous Work Porfolio

Older work that was completed when I worked with my old web business partner, projects through the years showing changes in trends and design.


If you have any questions or a
project you need help with please don’t
hesitate to email. jb@everyday-ordinary.com 2018 Berlin, Tokyo